Friday, October 9, 2009

SIRC ready in response to alert on Thursday

SIRC (Honiara)- Yesterday morning a Tsunami warning was echoed over the local radio stations to alert Solomon Islanders to move to higher grounds. The SI Red Cross assisted the National Disaster Management Office and Met Service to alert people in both rural areas and Honiara of the warning received earlier yesterday.

The local Red Cross mobilized its volunteers, especially the National Disaster Response Team (NDRT)trained members to ready for any urgent case, in case of a tsunami. Its volunteers in Lata, Gizo, and other provinces were notified of the warning and were advised to alert their communities to higher places.

Volunteers informed the people while evacuated to higher grounds, they must take cautions in places roads were crossed, properly locked or packed their valuables from opportunists to steal them, and ensure all the family members were safe on higher places till the warning was called off formally.

By around mid yesterday the warning was called off. But people were still need to take great care especially with their movements along low lying areas.