Friday, July 25, 2008

SIRC Kaikai Haus staff received their first training

Kaikai Haus (Honiara)- Solomon Islands Red Cross Kaikai Haus (Cafe) volunteers staff attended their first Quality Service training today. The one hour training was attended by four staff at the new Kaikai Haus from 2pm to 3pm.

According to the trainer, Niniu Oligao (a USP Tourism and Geography graduate) the weekly one hour training is to allow the participants an opportunity to practice the lessons they learned each time.

"Intensive trainings are crucial in such fund raising activities like cafeteria service. Because people need time to absorb what they taught during each training- to me what matters is the quality of training and not quantity given in a small period of time", Niniu said.

Asking Niniu on what sort of trainings the staff will receive, he said they will be trained mostly in Customer Service. Because in the next weeks they will provide food services to potential Honiara customers.

And this Kaikai Haus is one of the fund raising arms of the local Red Cross to sustain its service to the vulnerable communities and individuals who need its help.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Love from Taiwan to SI Red Cross

There is a famous saying on stickers around Honiara- Love from Taiwan. This love prevailed on July 7, 2008 during a brief handover ceremony by the Republic of China Taiwan visiting National Parliament Speaker to the Solomon Islands Red Cross and the National Referral Hospital at the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute.

Speaking during the handover Ms Nancy Jolo (SIRC Secretary General) thanked his Excellency
Wang Jin-Pyang and people of Taiwan to remember those citizens who need Wheelchairs to move around.

"Your support to Red Cross with the wheel chairs is a gift on the 30th Anniversary of the Solomon Islands Independence. And on behalf of the Solomon Islands Red Cross I thank you and your people for continuous supports", said Ms Jolo.

There were 30 wheel chairs given as part of the ROC Taiwan's Legislative Speaker goodwill visit to Solomon Islands. And out of those 15 wheel chairs were donated to the local Red Cross.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

SIRC Operational Policies Manual introduced to volunteers

SI Red Cross newly blessed Operational policies Manual has been introduced to Gizo and Auki Branches volunteers. According to Niniu Oligao (SIRC Dissemination officer) the new Operational Manual is helpful to the professional work of the local humanitarian organization especially during day to day behavior of the personnel and respect to its Fundamental Principles and Code of Conduct.

"Nancy, the SIRC Secretary General traveled to Auki for a day and I went to Gizo and Munda for four days to train the volunteers there about the Manual and its importance to the Red Cross", he said.

Niniu also said he was glad with the Operational Policies Manual in-place. But the challenges facing the practicality of the new manual is still ahead as its only the beginning of the road with this new development of the SI Red Cross. And he lighted a form is available for volunteers, members and SIRC staff's suggestions with regards to changes or development made to the new Operational Policies Manual.

3oth Anniversary wish from SIRC

Solomon Islands Red Cross humbly wishes the Governor General, Prime Minister and his Cabinet, the MPs, and citizens; especially the most vulnerable citizens who made it to this part of our country's history as it turns 30th this month, a joyous Anniversary celebration.

As your partner in caring for the most needy and vulnerable people nationally and internationally, Solomon Islands Red Cross believes in your cooperation with it during the dark hours of our country's history. Especially the working together in the Ethnic Tension era, the April 2005 Riots, Tsunami and natural disasters affected our beautiful Solomon Islands people.

And to our volunteers, you're our inspirations in making Solomon Islands a better place for humanity. And SIRC is looking forward to work hand in hand with you in the next thirty years.

God bless the beautiful people and islands of the Solomons.

Greetings to you all wherever your are....Hapi Anniversary.