Monday, October 29, 2007

SI Red Cross thanked TARD for linking the organization to cyberspace

Staff of the Solomon Islands Red Cross expressed their gratitude and thanks to the members of the To'abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) for voluntarily creating a webpage for the organisation.

One staff said to have the webpage within TARD’s website is a sign of development for Red Cross as it strives to spread its messages to the people about its role in Solomon Islands.

According to the local Red Cross Dissemination officer, Mr. Niniu Oligao, the having of a free web link came from a request he submitted earlier to the executive of TARD for the youth developed, youth led group to assist the local Red Cross with a webpage in the TARD’s web site.

He commented that to have the Red Cross information in the cyber space is another breakthrough for the humanitarian organization in sharing its information about its work and what it stands for.

“Red Cross is actively working with the vulnerable peoples of our communities to prepare for, and can respond to, when and where ever a disaster or disease outbreak.

“And by having this site, it will enable our community messages to reach our people living overseas and also those have access to PF Net in other parts of the country”, he added.

Community participation in Red Cross activities is encouraged to reach long term benefits to our communities (Photo: Isaiah Tukuvaka).

Niniu assured the viewers the new Red Cross webpage will contain more updated information about the work of the Red Cross at the community level, national level, and even regional level.

For more information, contact the Dissemination Department through email: dissem_sirc@solomon.com.sb, or phone (677) 22682.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Community Information about the Solomon Islands Red Cross Society

Solomon Islands Red Cross Mission Statement:

To improve the lives of people in need without discrimination, through voluntary work with people.

(Solomon Pijin Translation: "Waka bilong Solomon Islands Red Cross hemi fo kamapem gud laef bilong pipol nidim help, nomata hu nao iu, tru waka wetem pipol")

Brief Background of Solomon Islands Red Cross:

Solomon Islands Red Cross Society, by the Act of the National Parliament (a separate Act from the Non Governmental Organizations Act) in 1983 was established as an auxiliary (extra supporter) of the State dedicated to protecting human life and dignity in the Solomon Islands, thereby promoting lasting peace.

Hundreds of people in the Red Cross help those hurt by armed conflict, social disturbances, natural disasters, and other human tragedies. Victims around the country and region come to trust the people of the Red Cross to be there to provide important humanitarian services.

The people of the organization help anyone in urgent need. No regard is paid to political, racial, religious, or ideological differences. No point of view or person is favoured over another. Neither influence nor pressure will change these facts.

But the Solomon Islands Red Cross is more than a philosophy, or a historical institution. It is the part of a worldwide belief that human life and dignity are worthy of respect and protection from ravages of man and nature. It is a belief made real every day by the actions of skilled and trained people who are moved by a deep personal desire to help others without regard for their own material gain.

Red Cross members help people to prepare for, recover from, and, if possible, prevent the effects of tropical cyclones, floods, fires, sea level rise, diseases, or other disasters that threaten individuals or communities.

They help people prevent and handle emergencies through Commercial and Community Based First Aid trainings and health skills. Where needed and possible, they save hundreds of lives by promoting reliable supply of blood. They also share the resources necessary to improve service to people throughout the Solomon Islands, regionally, and internationally. They give new direction in the lives of the disable children through special education to read and write in sign language. Today, disable children are our aspirations who contribute in making Solomon Islands a better place for humanity.

The financial support of individuals, business houses, donor friends, and governments makes this work possible.

For more information, contact the Dissemination Department through email: dissem_sirc@solomon.com.sb,or phone (677) 22682.