Monday, February 16, 2009

More donations to Red Cross for floods affected people

SIRC (Honiara)- Solomon Islands Red Cross (SIRC) is grateful with more donations received from the British High Commission and Digicel Company on Friday last week.

According to Ms Nancy Jolo, the British High Commission gave additional $110,073.00 Solomon dollars and Digicel donated substantial amount of SBD $100,00.00 towards the Guadalcanal floods relief.

Receiving the donations on behalf of the local Red Cross Ms Jolo said the organization expresses its humble acceptance of the money by assuring the donors that the Red Cross will to spend the donated funds to meet the affected people’s immediate needs, which also include basic gardening and carpentry tools, and at the same time assist them to recover in long run.

“Assistance which the SI Red Cross received from business houses, families, embassies, and communities towards the Guadalcanal floods relief is a true reflection of the 150th Anniversary of the Red Cross work in the world-Our responsibility to care for our world by individual and collective move to help those who need our help.

“We greatly acknowledge your continues support”, she said.

Solomon Islands Red Cross as the voluntary humanitarian relief organization depends on donations and volunteering of good-hearted people to support its relief to disaster affected people.

For more information, contact Ms Nancy Jolo (SI Red Cross Secretary General) on telephone (677) 22682 or email; secgen_sirc@solomon.com.sb. Or Mr. Lorima Tuke (Deputy Secretary General) on telephone (677) 22682 or email; dsg_sirc@solomon.com.sb.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Clean Water For Flood Affected Communities a Priority for Red Cross

Solomon Islands Red Cross has prioritised the provision of clean water to flood affected communities of Guadalcanal says SIRC Secretary General Nancy Jolo.

“A lack of access to clean water and sanitation after flooding can worsen the issues faced by affected communities.

“This is why we are working with Australian Red Cross to immediately dispatch a portable water treatment filter system to prevent the spread of dangerous but preventable waterborne diseases”, said Ms Jolo.

By Wednesday this week, the ‘Nomad Water Module” will be on the ground preparing to filter up to 5,000 litres of water every hour. Staff and volunteers of Red Cross will be trained in the use of the water module, which it is anticipated will meet the needs of the worst affected communities in the North-West.

SIRC volunteers trained in public health, water and sanitation will also be on hand in affected communities to spread messages about safe health practices in the aftermath of flooding.

Since January 29, the Red Cross has been providing relief to flood affected communities. To date, twelve Red Cross volunteers have visited more than 40 affected communities to assess their immediate needs in terms of housing, health and livelihood and have provided excellent data guiding the distribution of 170 Family Kits containing essential non-food items.

Assessment data has also confirmed the need for the rapid deployment of the ‘Nomad Water Module”.

“This data is very helpful for us” said Red Cross Health Promotions Officer, Clement Manuri.

“It will assist our health workers to disseminate important messages to affected communities to stop people getting sick.”

“After a flood it is important to act quickly to stop the spread of disease. We have only about five days at this point to get this clean water and health information to communities. It’s a priority we are taking very seriously.”

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

S.I Red Cross Society sends Assessment Teams to Guadalcanal Floods

The continuous heavy rains and flooding over the last couple of days have greatly affected communities on both east and west of Guadalcanal Province. Reports received to date from the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) highlight 8 confirmed dead with 11 reported still missing and many injured.

The Solomon Islands Red Cross has deployed six emergency response trained staff and volunteers along with the Guadalcanal Provincial Disaster Council (PDC) led teams to do assessment and distribute some relief to the communities affected at the West Guadalcanal and Longu area, East Guadalcanal.

According to Mr. Sipuru Rove, the local Red Cross Disaster Manager, six personnel from the SIRC Headquarters, Auki, Lata, Gizo and Guadalcanal have been deployed to assess household needs in the emergency phase (first few days of the flooding) together with the NDMO while other organizations will do other sectoral assessments.

“Once assessments are complete, Red Cross will distribute supplies of non- food items; tarpaulins, basic kitchen utensils and blankets in this emergency phase because people affected are in need of these items”.

“Red Cross has already joined the NDMO joint assessment teams to do initial assessment of affected areas on Friday last week. My office is confident of data collected so far. But the team will continue with assessment including a rapid aerial assessment to be completed this afternoon ”, he said.

Last night the SI Red Cross volunteers and staff packed around 200 Family Relief kits from its disaster preparedness containers at its Riffle Range compound. These will be transported on board the Police Patrol boat as arranged with NDMO for distribution to the most affect areas. Movement partners of the Solomon Islands Red Cross are on standby to assist with further relief supplies and resources later required.

For more information contact; Ms Nancy Jolo (SIRC Secretary General) or Lorima Tuke (Deputy Secretary General) on Tel: (677) 22682, Fax: 25299 Or email secgen_sirc@solomon.com.sb or dsg_sirc@solomon.com.sb.