Thursday, July 3, 2008

SIRC Operational Policies Manual introduced to volunteers

SI Red Cross newly blessed Operational policies Manual has been introduced to Gizo and Auki Branches volunteers. According to Niniu Oligao (SIRC Dissemination officer) the new Operational Manual is helpful to the professional work of the local humanitarian organization especially during day to day behavior of the personnel and respect to its Fundamental Principles and Code of Conduct.

"Nancy, the SIRC Secretary General traveled to Auki for a day and I went to Gizo and Munda for four days to train the volunteers there about the Manual and its importance to the Red Cross", he said.

Niniu also said he was glad with the Operational Policies Manual in-place. But the challenges facing the practicality of the new manual is still ahead as its only the beginning of the road with this new development of the SI Red Cross. And he lighted a form is available for volunteers, members and SIRC staff's suggestions with regards to changes or development made to the new Operational Policies Manual.