Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Love from Taiwan to SI Red Cross

There is a famous saying on stickers around Honiara- Love from Taiwan. This love prevailed on July 7, 2008 during a brief handover ceremony by the Republic of China Taiwan visiting National Parliament Speaker to the Solomon Islands Red Cross and the National Referral Hospital at the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute.

Speaking during the handover Ms Nancy Jolo (SIRC Secretary General) thanked his Excellency
Wang Jin-Pyang and people of Taiwan to remember those citizens who need Wheelchairs to move around.

"Your support to Red Cross with the wheel chairs is a gift on the 30th Anniversary of the Solomon Islands Independence. And on behalf of the Solomon Islands Red Cross I thank you and your people for continuous supports", said Ms Jolo.

There were 30 wheel chairs given as part of the ROC Taiwan's Legislative Speaker goodwill visit to Solomon Islands. And out of those 15 wheel chairs were donated to the local Red Cross.