Thursday, July 3, 2008

3oth Anniversary wish from SIRC

Solomon Islands Red Cross humbly wishes the Governor General, Prime Minister and his Cabinet, the MPs, and citizens; especially the most vulnerable citizens who made it to this part of our country's history as it turns 30th this month, a joyous Anniversary celebration.

As your partner in caring for the most needy and vulnerable people nationally and internationally, Solomon Islands Red Cross believes in your cooperation with it during the dark hours of our country's history. Especially the working together in the Ethnic Tension era, the April 2005 Riots, Tsunami and natural disasters affected our beautiful Solomon Islands people.

And to our volunteers, you're our inspirations in making Solomon Islands a better place for humanity. And SIRC is looking forward to work hand in hand with you in the next thirty years.

God bless the beautiful people and islands of the Solomons.

Greetings to you all wherever your are....Hapi Anniversary.