Thursday, June 26, 2008

SIRC volunteers orientation held yesterday

Solomon Islands Red Cross (SIRC) volunteers met with the local Red Cross staff for a half day orientation on various programs offered by the humanitarian organization.

According the volunteers committee chairman, Michael Samani, the aim of the meeting was to familiarize the volunteers (both new and old) on respective programs and services they would give on behalf of the Red Cross.

Yesterday's presentations highlighted the different roles played by various programs towards the operation of Red Cross during normal times and disaster situations.

"In all the programs of the Red Cross, you volunteers are the foundation of our work. Volunteers actually carrying out our activities in times like this and disasters...Even in the recovery phase of the Tsunami of West volunteers are still doing it", said Lorima Tuke (SIRC Disaster Manager).

So it is vital to listen to suggestions from volunteers at all levels where in development planning, activities, and evaluation.

Similar meetings will be held in the future to raise awareness to volunteers in regard to the Solomon Islands Red Cross activities update.