Monday, June 23, 2008

Hundreds turned up for Charity Concert

By Niniu Oligao

At the Honiara's famous Cultural Village (commonly know as Arts Gallery) hundreds of music fans flooded it yesterday to watch the Solomon Islands Red Cross Charity Concert. The concert was to raise fund to assist the local Red Cross to sustain its daily runnings and support towards its General welfare program.

The Charity show started at 11.30 am with people slowly went in till afternoon when hundreds flooded the show ground to watch and enjoyed the sounds of their favorite bands performed.

According to the organizing committee it is glad to say the Charity Concert raised huge amount of money to meet its goal yesterday.

And the Solomon Islands Red Cross gives credit to its hard working volunteers, staff and Scouts who helped during the preparation and the duration of the concert. Same gratitude humbly goes to the many bands who freely offered their support for a good cause the SI Red Cross stands for- to help the vulnerable people in our communities by protecting them from sicknesses, negative impacts of Climate Change, Leprosy patients, and victims of burnt houses to be clothed and sheltered.

Especially to the owners of One Drop Band to generously offer their instruments and band to be stage band for the show. Thank you for such good hearts. And finally to the public. SI Red Cross owes you gratitude for your supports in one way or the other during the show yesterday.

And the Solomon Islands Red Cross organizing committee humbly said we are all "Champions of humanity".