Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Appeal for more blood donors by Sir Waena

By Niniu Oligao

His Excellency the Governor General of the Solomon Islands and Patron of the Solomon Islands Red Cross, Sir Nathanial Waena appealed to more blood donors to come forward and donate blood. This happened during the World Blood Donor Day celebration on June 17, 2008 at the Honiara Referral Hospital compound.

In front of about two hundred people crowded to mark the World Blood Donor Day and nationwide radio coverage Sir Waena emotionally called for a five– minutes of silence to remember the humble ordinary givers of the noble gift of blood to save mankind.

“Blood donors are very humble people who have true love for mankind. And this is a great honor of love.

“Though we live in a world of modern technology but there is no substitute to blood”, Sir Waena said.

According to Sir Nathanial sadly million pregnant mothers and babies died of lack of blood donated. And Solomon Islands has the highest case in the region of pregnant mothers died during deliveries because of blood shortage.

“We have to give generously all the time. If you tried it once, do it again. If you do not give it yet, try it.

“We give it because we want to save another life– not for money or food.

“Thank you to everyone in this country who gave blood.

“Thank you on the behalf of those saved by your blood and their families.

“I on behalf of the Solomon Islands Red Cross and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, I appeal to you to donate blood.

“I appeal to all citizens to donate blood as a good gesture of love to mankind because the blood of Christ shed on the cross at Calvary to save mankind”, Sir Waena appealed.

That is the very reason for SI Red Cross and Ministry of Health honored that Day.

He further commended most senior schools increasingly donated blood. But he appealed to young people to keep blood clean from infectious diseases and drugs.

World Blood Donor Day celebration was organized by the SI Red Cross with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and World Health Organization (WHO).