Friday, August 22, 2008

Volunteers & staff attended sea life saving training

First Aid (SIRC)- Floating in the afternoon cold sea at the Solomon Islands College school of Marine 12 Solomon Islands Red Cross staff and volunteers in orange life jackets. Those Red Cross personnel lucky to benefit from the local Red Cross' initiative of venturing its First Aid trainings into Life Saving training at sea for its workers.

According to the life saving at sea instructor of the training yesterday, Captain Nestor Rande said the purpose of the training is to prepare the canoe travellers of safety when travelling between islands.

"People need to understand the safety of their lives at sea is very important. Therefore, preparing to take extra fuel, water, foods, sails, paddles, listen to weather forecasts, proper loading of canoe, and not taking alcohol while travelling must not be ignored", he said.

In relation, the participants were very happy with the life saving training. One participant said SI Red Cross has some of the sea safety equipments like flares and life jackets but its workers did not know how to use them properly. The training helped them alot to know how to use the safety equipments during emergency at sea.

The training yesterday was paid for by the Solomon Islands Red Cross and the Australian Red Cross to prepare the local Red Cross skippers for emergency at sea while travelling in out board motor canoes around Guadalcanal and Malaita and between islands to carry out duties.