Thursday, August 28, 2008

SIRC Staff & volunteers donated Blood

Drip by drip, a blood donor smiling as she laid down in a bed to donate blood to rescue someone else who would need it in Hospital.

Solomon Islands Red Cross staff and volunteers at the National Headquarters gave blood yestarday during a mobile blood collection by the Referal Hospital Blood Bank team.

Speaking to this site yesterday, Ms Deann (SIRC Blood Donors Recruitment officer) said her team should go to a school yesterday. Unfortunately, the visit to that school was not possible. And the only possibility was to get blood from the local Red Cross people.

She said most of the Red Cross people in Honiara have 'O Blood type' which is a universal donor to anyone who needs blood to survive.

And she thanked those who donated yesterday and encouraged them to give more blood in the future. She assured the donors that it is good to give away old blood cells and to allow the body to create new good blood cells.