Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Using our Symbol to its best advantage

By Niniu Oligao (SIRC Dissemination officer)

Increasing our visibility through prominent and proper use of the red cross symbol represents a giant step toward identifying ourselves and our services to more people worldwide.

Suggestions for using our symbol
  • All Red Cross paid staff and volunteers should be familiar with the references to the symbol in the Geneva Conventions and with the guidelines from the Council of Delegates of the RCRC Movement in Budapest, 1991.
  • Clearly display the Red Cross name and symbol at all Red Cross facilities and field locations.
  • Clearly mark all official Red Cross transportation- vans, emergency vehicles, and other vehicles- with Red Cross symbol.
  • When paid or volunteer staff appears before media, make sure that a pin or other insignia is clearly visible.
  • Encourage paid and volunteer staff to wear the symbol as a pin when off duty. However, the symbol should not be worn in inappropriate places such as bars, night clubs, or, if the individual is engaged in activities that would show the Movement in a questionable or negative light.
  • When a celebrity appears in public to speak on behalf of the Red Cross, make sure he or she is wearing an insignia that will easily be seen in photographs or on film.

For more information on the this, you can contact the SIRC Dissemination Programme on email: dissem_sirc@solomon.com.sb. Or call in at our Headquarters in New Chinatown, Honiara. In the provinces you can visit our nearest branch.