Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Student Researchers visited SI Red Cross

Since the month after the Western and Choiseul tsunami Solomon Islands Red Cross (SIRC) was popular among both Secondary and tertiary student researchers. Those mainly visited the humanitarian organizatiuon with their research works came from various high schools around Honiara, Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE), and the University of the South Pacific Honiara based center.
According to Oligao Niniu (SIRC Dissemination officer) students researched on various topics such as Climate Change and its impact on humans, disaster preparedness and response, disable children education, Red Cross and its humanitarian ideals, First Aid, and even specificly on Red Cross' response to the Western and Choiseul tsunami devastation.
"The Red Cross' visibility to researchers is due to the fact we attracted alot of media coverages during our tsunami operation, and even in the rehabilitation phase", he said.
However, Mr. Niniu encouraged students and public alike to visit the Red Cross office or access to media during Red Cross programmes to learn more about its important roles in the field of humanitarian help in our country.