Monday, December 10, 2007

World AIDS Day in Auki was celebrated in colors

The late celebration of World AIDS Day last Friday in Auki was a successful story to tell. The march consisted of NGOs like World Vision, Save the Children, SIPPA, churches, Malaita medical unit, youth groups, the SI Red Cross, and general public started from Mobil Station area, went around the Auki Township and ended at the Market area where the official programme commenced.
In the official statement from the Medical director, Dr. Rex Moukera, HV/AIDS is not a story of overseas but the story of our country- particularly in Malaita. HIV/AIDS now is with us.
"People need to practice ABC method to fight HIV/AIDS. Young people should abstain from sex till marriage. When people married, be faithful to your partners. And if we cannot control our sexual behaviors then use condom", he said.
In the same address, Mr. Isaiah Tukuvaka (SI Red Cross Health officer) highlighted the different stages of HIV/AIDS from Window period to blown out AIDS the HIV positive people have to go through.
Relation to this, Niniu Oligao, the SI Red Cross Dissemination officer said, "In our societies now, HIV/AIDS is not separated from Discrimination and Stigma towards people living with HIV/AIDS.
"This is the time the real causes of the HIV/AIDS must not be swept under carpets. Communities must be reliably informed about this sickness and be ready to tackle the issues of discrimination and stigma against the HI/AIDS positive people.
"We should be responsible leaders to do this job of informing the people in the streets or rural areas correctly about HIV/AIDS".
Video and drama perfomances about HIV/AIDS concluded the celebration.
And celebration was based on the theme 'Leadership' with a slogan 'Take the lead. Stop AIDS. And keep the promise'.