Monday, December 10, 2007

Red Cross honored volunteers during International Volunteers Day

Solomon Islands Red Cross honored volunteers when it joint the rest of the world to mark International Volunteers Day which celebrated annually on December 5.
In Auki, the SI Red Cross volunteers marked the day with awareness to public about the negative impacts HIV/AIDS could have on our communities and the country as a whole.
"There is no way the Red Cross can take short cuts without volunteers to spread the messages about HIV/AIDS in our communities. Our volunteers live in their communities, walking miles to do our jobs, and they will never leave their communities.
"We must honor those silent heroes for the wonderful services they provide to our vulnerable communities. In thanking our volunteers, the celebration and awareness of HIV/AIDS here in Auki are our way of honoring you", said Niniu Oligao of SIRC.
Volunteers form the foundation of this humanitarian organization. And SIRC looks upon its volunteers for motivation, aspiration, dedication and commitments to fuel its work in the Solomon Islands.