Thursday, October 23, 2008

Special Development School held Open Day

By Niniu Oligao

Solomon Islands Red Cross Development School held its open day today. According to the School Principal Ms Catherine Anilafa that was a first time from the last thirty years the Special school held its Open Day.

"Our Open Day has two objectives to achieve. One, to create a moment for the parents of the children with special needs, govenment ministries, non governmental organizations, and friends of the Disable school to come together and appreciating what the school has offered to our special children in this country.

"At the same time the Solomon Islands Red Cross has launched its annual President's Appeal for 2008. This appeal is purposely to raise fund towards the assistances given to the most vulnerable people of this country, said Ms Anilafa.

During the same occasion his Excellency the Governor General of the Solomon Islands SI Red Cross patron, Sir Nathanial Waena commended the school, especially its volunteer teachers for their dedication and compassion towards the education of those children with special learning needs. Sir Waena said government and responsible authorities should take such education for this group of people seriously because they are very productive to this country.

"This kind of people are very good employees. They work as hard as a normal people.

"I have seen some of the former students of this school become very good carpenters and furniture makers at a rural training center, Makira", commented Sir Waena.

Sir Nathanial appreciated the efforts and love of the parents of the students with special needs because fulfill the responsibility God has asked from us as parents to care for the children.

This year's Special School Open Day is based on a theme: "Let the silence be heard".