Monday, October 20, 2008

Dissemination awareness training in Auki Branch

Solomon Islands Red Cross Dissemination returned from Auki yeasterday after a week-long Dissemination training to the Auki Branch volunteers. According to Niniu Oligao (the local Red Cross Dissemination officer) though his trip faced many difficulties, the training objectives were met.

"Iam encouraged by the way our Auki volunteer responded to my request for a Dissemination awareness training. I personally thank them for their commitment and dedications to sucrifice their precious times to attend that very important training", Mr Niniu said.

He further commented the Dissemination and information sharing are regarded as the front-runners of the Red Cross activities. They serve an important role in the work of the Red Cross in our country- to tell the communities, public authorities, young generations, and even the potential arm bearers of the protection of certain groups of people which have been agreed on under the International Humanitarian Law (Law of war). These people are those who are not taking direct role in wars: the civilians, Red Cross people, religious people, medical personnel, and so fort. And those who are no longer taking part, example, the sick and wounded soldiers, and prisoners of war to be respected and cared for by the parties of the conflict.

"And at the same time to tell the people of our working tools (Red Cross Fundamental Principles) are as important as the Law of war. It promotes the confidence of people (those we help and general public) to seek our assistance when disasters and wars arise", he highlighted.