Friday, September 26, 2008

Federation & SI Red Cross Tsunami recovery completed

By Niniu Oligao

SIRC (Honiara)- This week marks an important moment for the International Federation of the Red Cross Societies (IFRC) and the Solomon Islands Red Cross (SIRC) of their Western Province Tsunami recovery. Their last phase of the tsunami recovery in community basic hygiene promotion concluded successfully.

According to Sipuru Rove (Gizo Red Cross branch officer) an IFRC health delegate spent past six weeks in Gizo and worked with local branch volunteers in Vella La Vella and Kolombangara affected communities to promote basic hygiene.

"In addition, the local Red Cross health team consisted of both staff and volunteers from Honiara and Malaita visited the twenty affected communities Red Cross has worked with in the recovery phase. It provided basic hygiene information and First Aid trainings", he said.

Two delegates from the IFRC who spent sometimes in Gizo left to their respective countires this morning.

For more information contact the SIRC Secretary General on telephone (677) 22682, SIRC Headquarters New Chinatown (Honiara. Solomon Islands), or Sipuru Rove at SIRC Gizo Branch (Western Province).