Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lorima participates in National Disaster Management plan review

Solomon Islands Red Cross (SIRC) Deputy Secretary General and SIRC disaster management care taker, Mr. Lorima Tuke attends a two-days National Disaster Management plan review which started this morning. That review involves all disaster management stakeholders.

In the opening of the disaster management review, acting minister for Home Affair, Honorable Steve Abana stated
that the workshop is another effort by the government to better manage disaster and emergency issues with all its main partners within the country and abroad.

"The Government of the day is responsible for the safety of the residents and communities in the country but the Government it self cannot guarantee the safety of the people, therefore in order to reach that degree of assurance everyone needs to work together", Honorable Abana highlighted.

Solomon Islands Red Cross as one of the close partners of the National Disaster Management Office is encouraged to see the initiative of the government to bring together various governmental and non governmental organizations for the national disaster management plan review. And this reflects the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement's theme of 'Together for Humanity'.

Mr. Tuke will be back in his office after the two days of the disaster management review at the Quality Inn.