Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SIRC farewelled Charles Kelly

Mr. Charles Kelly, the SI Red Cross out going Secretary General has been farewelled by the local Red Cross staff and volunteers during a dinner hosted jointly by the SIRC Dissemination program and Management last Friday at the Chinatown office.
During the dinner which was attended by SIRC staff, volunteers, and high schools representatives around Honiara Mr. Kelly said his departure from Red Cross was not of ill feeling but his personal interest to face the future.
"To move from Red Cross is a hard decision for me to make. But I have to leave for others to have a chance to lead this respected humanitarian organization.
"And also I'm getting old so I need to prepare for the time I will go home and settle there", he said.
If anyone wants to know more about Charles, he has been a respected figure in the Red Cross family since 1980s. He was one of the people captained the local Red Cross since its establishment in 1983. After some years he worked somewhere then returned in 2004 to take up the Secretary General for SIRC again till May 9, 2008.
Many times the local Red Cross went through rough seas but he always believed in his commitment with the work of the Red Cross to relief the most vulnerable people that motivated him to reach the recognition and respect the organization enjoys now.
First thing one can see on his face is a big smile to greet you with his usual words "how bosi?" when one wants to see him in his office. He believes in team work, thus made his leadership in Red Cross as one of the most effective leadership style.
"To all staff and volunteers, I have done nothing during my time here. It was you who did the work to build our impressive reputation. Please continue with the good team work you have now to help our vulnerable people who need you- I will continue to serve the Red Cross as volunteer", Kelly said during his closing remark.