Thursday, April 10, 2008

Red Cross Tsunami and Earthquake Response

April 2nd 2008 marked the first year anniversary of the 8.1 Richter scale earthquake that struck the most northern parts of the country.
The earthquake and the resultant tsunami inflicted significant damage and loss of life, including in excess of 50 people killed and an estimated more than 9,000 people displaced.

Immediately after the tsunami and through last August Solomon Islands Red Cross together with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has been working closely with affected communities in order to provide assistance in non-food items distribution, shelter and water in the Western and Choiseul Provinces.
Initial emergency relief activities included the distribution of 37,300 non-food items (kitchen sets, tarpaulins, hygiene kits) to a total of 1,857 families. Under shelter programme, distribution of 5, 089 tools and 2,985 kilos of nails to reach a total of 1,287 affected families in 213 communities in Kolombangara and Vella la Vella Islands. In addition, 3,630 tools and 2,520 kilos of nails were distributed to 1,214 affected families in 114 communities on islands of Parara, Kohigo, Rendova and Roviana Lagoon.
In coordination with other agencies covering different areas, the current Solomon Islands Red Cross assistance has been focussed on the rehabilitation of water systems and rain-catchments construction in 20 communities (6,264 people) on Vella La Vella and Kolombangara Islands. Red Cross has been providing materials and technical expertise togehter with Rural Water Supply. Teams have been focussed on repair and rehabilitation of dams, weirs, pipelines, storage tanks and community tapstands.
At present, more than 40 Solomon Islands Red Cross volunteers of Gizo Branch have been working along side communities members for more than 9 months.

A joint Press release from Solomon Islands Red Cross Gizo Branch and IFRC Water delegation in Gizo who are doing the water & sanitation now.