Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Business Development & Fundraising officer met with Fund raising committee

Aloysius Erobaea (new Business Development & Fundraising officer) called some of his new fund raising team members today lunch hour. Those new committee members are part of the existing SI Red Cross fund raising committee.
In his address Erobaea said the aims of the meet were to firstly, introduce his action plan for the first half of 2008. These include annual fund raising events and major special fund raising activities like Dine & Dance Cruise to Ngella. Second, to set up a Fund raising activities taskforce to spear head the fund raising activities.

"For long this fund raising program did not have a taskforce to effectively implement the activities. So there is a need for that", he said.
Since just a week when he took up the office he said confirmation of his palnned activities will be circulated to his committee members soon.