Monday, March 10, 2008

Dissemination trainer volunteers completed training

Nine new dissemination trainers completed a five days training at the Solomon Islands Red Cross head quarters on March7, 2008.
According to Niniu Oligao (SIRC Dissemination officer) the training aims at equipping the dissemination trainers volunteers with dissemination tools in return will train and give awareness to both external and internal audiences (volunteers, Branch Governing Board, and members) on the Humanitarian Values and Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Fundamental Principles.
The trainers learnt about the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement Fundamental Principles, International Humanitarian Law, and how safer the Red Cross could access to affected people during armed conflict, whether to apply First Aid, relief distributions, or giving medical attention to those who no longer or not fighting but suffering.
“The trainers were privilege to have various presentations from SIRC personnel who under went diverse experiences in disaster responses”, he said.
In regard to dissemination materials, the participants discussed with him on appropriate materials like posters and brochures which could still be used in their talks in the absence of electricity.
On the fourth day they had a fieldtrip to the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation studio to record a 15 minutes programme for SI Red Cross.
The challenge he left with the new trainers now is their turn to work closely with him through a network had been formulated during the training to effectively spread of the red cross by speaking on behalf of those silently suffering that make sure their physical and psych-emotional integrity is respected during disasters.
All the participants assured their confidence to do their new task when they admitted their gratitude at the end of the workshop.
And Niniu thanked the Australian Red Cross to financially support that Trainers training. He said such help was really a noble gift to humanity to discourage their suffering.