Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First Aid team in Maluu for CBFA training

A SIRC First Aid team went to Maluu Red Cross sub branch to facilitate a Community Based First Aid (CBFA) training to the SIRC community members of the area.
As usual the CBFA trains community members to be self reliant in communities where a nearest health center is miles away. So the team led by Mr. Clement Manuri (National Red Cross First Aid instructor) will train the rural Maluu volunteers of the essential first aid skills to save casualties before attending him or her to a medical Practitioner or a nearest health center.
The team is expected to back in Honiara after the completion of the CBFA in Maluu.
However, if general public wants to know more about such community based First Aid trainings you can call Clement Manuri on phone 22682 or visit the SIRC National head offficer in New Chinatown or call in at our nearest branches in Auki, Gizo and Lata.