Thursday, November 15, 2007

NDMO organizes disaster awareness in media

Solomon Islands Red Cross Dissemination officer (Niniu Oligao) attended a disaster awareness stakeholders meeting at the Natural Disaster Management Office (NDMO) this morning.

According to Mr. Loti Yates, NDMO director, the aim of the meeting was to brief the representatives of the various governmental ministries, agencies, and non governmental organizations about what they would say in their awareness in SIBC and printed media. He said each organization or ministry could explain the role it plays in responding to disaster.

He further stated the radio awareness should be 75 minutes- roughly five days, which each day the organization or ministry will have 15 minutes awareness. However, the organization or ministry will have to summarize its talk in written document which can fit a half page of our local newspapers.

Yates told those attended the meeting that the responsibility to inform public about their roles in disasters lies on their shoulders.